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Are You Making a Move?

Luxe Clean blogs
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Are you making a move? Moving house is hard work. So let us make it simple for you. Just follow our Three Step System, and we will ensure the cleaning…

Why is Creating a Healthy and Happy Workspace Important?

Luxe Clean blogs
cleaningbusiness, cleanworkplace, happyworkplace, premiumcleaningservices, stayhealthy
Happiness is contagious and, when encouraged, can spread throughout an entire company. In an almost similar way, an unhealthy workplace can spread illnesses and diseases. Why Is Creating a Clean,…

Tidying Up Your Office

Luxe Clean blogs
cleaningbusiness, cleanworkspace, premiumcleaningservices, stayhealthy, workspacecleaning
You wouldn’t put up with mess, clutter, and unclean spaces in your home. Why should you tolerate it at work or your home office? According to Marie Kondo, the Author…
clutter free home

Find the ‘Clutter Free’ in Your Life (at home)

clutter free
Our lives are busy and our world is cluttered with ‘things’ and ‘stuff’.  We are more aesthetic than ever and nothing is built to last, our world is a throwaway. …
cleaning tips

Our Favourites

detailed clean tips
We want to share our Favourite tips and tricks which help us provide our clients with the most detailed clean we can think of.  This one is the top of…
eco friendly cleaning

Eco tips for a Happy, Healthy Sparklean home

eco friendly cleaning
Over the years we’ve found lots of great ways to stay environmentally friendly when it comes to cleaning your home and cutting down on harsh chemical use.  Try some of…
weekend cleaning

Get Your Weekends Back!

weekend cleaning
The weekend is your time. Family time. Time for you to do the things you love with the people you love. But how often do you get to the weekend,…