Eco tips for a Happy, Healthy Sparklean home

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eco friendly cleaning

Over the years we’ve found lots of great ways to stay environmentally friendly when it comes to cleaning your home and cutting down on harsh chemical use.  Try some of these simple ideas. You’ll be surprised how many you can find yourself.

Cut down drying load time

At the start of the drying cycle add a clean dry towel and remove after 15- 20 minutes to reduce drying time by up to a third!

Make your own chemical free air freshener

With just one cup of vodka and 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil you have a multi-purpose air freshener to use on fabrics, in shoes or just about any smelly spots around the house! The alcohol will keep it from going bad over time and won’t leave a residue on surfaces or furniture.

Remove scale from taps and showerheads with VINEGAR

Soak your old faithful microfiber cloth in vinegar, wrap it around the stained area and leave it for an hour to work it’s magic… VIOLA! Sparklean!

Eco Degreasing hack!

Say goodbye to harsh chemical degreasers and vigorous scrubbing on top of a greasy, grimy rangehood. Add a drop of coconut oil to the surface and dab it around to loosen it up, and then wipe away the excess. Go over it with a soapy cloth to remove any oily residue.

Hang your washing in outside

Line dry clothes and linen to naturally bleach and brighten whites with the sun. This not only saves electricity and $$ in the tumble dryer, but there is also no need for more harsh chemicals to get onto your clothes with dryer sheets and the fresh air will leave them smelling AMAZING.