If you haven’t already heard, the rain in South East Queensland is not going anywhere soon. BOM was expecting another 3-4 months of consistent rain. They have now advised there is a distinct possibility of a third ‘La Nina’ extending to February 2023. Hurrah you say – maybe not. We say bring back the sun and dry weather any time. Queensland – dry sometimes, wet the next!

This is an opportune time for a reminder about how to look after our homes and health. We have noticed a lot of mould in our own property. And it’s not going anywhere soon. Apart from the fact that it is incredibly unpleasant in odour, mould can make us quite ill if it is ignored.

Here’s our top 6 tips over the next few months for preventing mould growing in your property –

Tip 1 – Keep the moisture to a minimum
Bathrooms are the most common areas where mould is found. Turn on the fan or open a window while you run the bath or shower. Let air continue to circulate for at least 30 minutes after a shower or bath to ensure the room dries completely. Wipe down your shower tiles and grout after use to completely remove any lingering moisture. Never leave damp items on the floor

Tip 2 – No vampires allowed!
Ventiliate the property as much as possible as often as possible – open windows where possible, keep blinds open. Let in the daylight (or sunlight) when you can as often as you can. Dark surroundings are an absolute feeding ground for mould and other bacteria

Tip 3 – Beware furniture fiends
Check behind furniture which has not been moved recently as this is a perfect environment for spores to appear and manifest. Leather furniture can be a favourite for mould spores especially on the back and sides

Tip 4 – Don’t look now Alice
Open wardrobes and cupboards where clothing and shoes are kept. Use dehumidifiers (bought in retail stores) and hang amongst clothing or place at the base of the wardrobe. These collect mould quickly and will give you a very clear indication of how much moisture can be maintained in closed spaces

Tip 5 – Clutter-free is best
Keep the property as clutter-free as possible, and remove cartons and boxes to suitable storage areas. Mould loves packaging!

Tip 6 – Pray for sunshine!

The link below contains information on how to avoid mould and how to clean it if it occurs.