Back to Basics: What Our Grandparents Used to Do When Cleaning

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Back to Basics: What Our Grandparents Used to Do When Cleaning

We all know that our grandparents were the masters of cleaning. They knew all the tricks of the trade and always managed to keep their homes spotless. So, what exactly did they do differently than us? Let’s take a look at some of their cleaning secrets:

1. They Started with a Clean Slate

Our grandparents always made sure to start with a clean slate. They would sweep and dust all the surfaces in the house before starting with the actual cleaning. This ensured that they would get rid of all the dirt and grime before it had a chance to settle.

2. They Used Natural Cleaning Products

Our grandparents didn’t have all the fancy cleaning products that we have today. Instead, they relied on natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon to get the job done. Not only are these ingredients more effective than you might think, but they’re also much better for the environment.

3. They Paid Attention to the Little Things

Our grandparents didn’t just focus on the big things when they were cleaning. They also paid attention to the little things that we often overlook. For example, they would make sure to dust all the picture frames, clean the windows, and vacuum under the furniture.

How our gradma cleans

4. They Took Their Time

Our grandparents didn’t try to hurry through the cleaning process. They took their time and made sure to do a thorough job. This might seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually more efficient in the long run.

5. They Had a Routine

Our grandparents always had a cleaning routine that they stuck to. This made the whole process much easier and less daunting. They knew exactly what needed to be done and when, so they could get it done quickly and efficiently.

6. They Were Organized

Organization is key when it comes to cleaning. Our grandparents always made sure to put everything in its place before they started cleaning. This made it easier to find things and prevented them from losing track of where they were in the process.

Grandma cleaning window

7. They Were Consistent

Our grandparents didn’t just clean when they felt like it. They were consistent with their cleaning routines and made sure that their homes were always clean and tidy. This is something that we could all learn from.


Our grandparents used to clean with much simpler and more effective methods than we do today. They took the time to clean their homes from top to bottom on a regular basis. They are organized and consistent. As a result, they were able to ensure that their homes were always clean and clutter-free.

While we may not have the time to clean our homes as thoroughly as our grandparents did, we can still take a page from their book and use natural ingredients to clean our homes. Not only will this save us money, but it will also be better for our health and the environment.

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